Core Team

We firmly believe that complex challenges need the collaborative power of people with different backgrounds and perspectives to find a suitable solution. That’s why Project Circleg’s core team consists of six highly motivated characters from different disciplines, who nevertheless share the same vision.



Trained industrial designer and co-driving product development. His structured thinking is an asset for matters of administration and organization. He loves nature and spends his free time hiking, camping and biking.




Trained industrial designer and co-driving product development. With his flexible mindset and affinity for storytelling he shapes the communication of Project Circleg. He loves good food, doing sports and travelling.




Masters in biomedical engineering and co-driving product and business development. She enjoys doing yoga, is fluent in more than six languages and loves traveling the world.




Very talented engineer and co-driving product development. He creates with his expertise the industrialization and production strategy and pushes its implementation. He’s a passionate all-rounder, skydiver, a master of synthesizer and an all-weather cyclist.⁠




Communication manager and mulitmedia talent. She co-creates the communication and branding strategy with her analog and digital communication tools. She loves to swim and surf and you are likely to see her rolling through Zurich on her skateboard. ⁠




Experienced financial manager and co-driving business development. With the punch of a boxer and the lightness of a ballerina, she pushes business development to drive positive impact. She loves doing sports and exploring the world.


Extended Team

Amputees & Orthopaedic Technicians

Project Circleg is supported by experienced experts in prosthetics with extraordinary knowledge and everyday exposure. Our Swiss and East-African orthopaedic technicians and amputees make-up our Extended Team.


Thomas & Martin

As skilled and experienced orthopaedic technicians Thomas and Martin are part of the Circleg development and testing team. Both of them have gained insights in orthopaedic workshops all around the world. Read more about them in our story.



Paralympics champion and part of the Circleg development and testing team. Additionally, Beat is one of the two Pilots for Cybathlon 2020 representing Team Circleg. Read more about him in our story.



As a sporty all-rounder with a great technical understanding he is part of the Circleg development and testing team. Andre is the lead Pilot for Cybathlon 2020 representing Team Circleg. Read more about him in our story.

Advisory Board

Advisors & Experts

Project Circleg is bolstered with an extensive network of advisors with versatile personalities from the fields of prosthetics, design, engineering, business, industry and academia. This broad know-how and wide-ranging experience helps us to further develop our vision and ensure coherence in strategic decisions.

Our Values

We care about why and how we do things

To this end, we have consciously identified values which best identify us, that we actively implement, promote and live in our day-to-day activities. These values provide the basis of Project Circleg as project, a team, a business, a community and an ecosystem.


We want to cultivate an honest, transparent and constructive style of communication.


We want to work with commitment and motivation to achieve our goals.


We want to be aware of where we are and what we are doing. It is important for us to reflect on our actions and thus be able to act consciously.

Team Spirit

We firmly believe that complex problems can be solved better by an interdisciplinary team with a collaborative mindset.


We want to take responsibility and actively initiate actions that have a positive effect on people and the environment.


We cultivate respect as a core value in relationships with our partners, users, customers and our environment.


We have an optimistic approach to what we do and believe that this positive thinking has a great influence on our environment and actions.