We have the privilige to meet so many amazing people from various cultures and backgrounds.  They all have interesting and inspiring stories to tell from which we can learn and grow. We want to share this experience with you and tell some of these stories on this platform.

Gold for Cirlceg

Gold for Circleg

With Project Circleg we took part at Cybathlon 2020, a competition for novel assistive technologies. In the prosthetic leg race, our pilot Andre Frei completed the parkour with the Circleg Zero flawlessly and faster than all other teams winning gold for Team Circleg!


Innovation through Collaboration

A good example of the impact of fruitful collaborations between start-ups, research institutes and production companies is the interdisciplinary development process of the Circleg prosthesis. A story about successful collaborations with great innovation potential.


The critical mirror

Marc Grünenfelder is the mentor of Team Circleg, critically reflecting on our actions with his great experience and exertise. With his background as a lawyer and his experience on the corporate side, but especially because of his sharp and critical thinking he is a good fit for the Circleg team. We talked with Marc about his role, potential and challenges as well as his view on Project Circleg.


Design & Engineering Innovation

When the disciplines of design and engineering work together, great things can happen. This is demonstrated by the collaboration between Radiate Engineering & Design AG and Project Circleg. With their great expertise specifically in the field of simulation, Radiate supports Project Circleg in the development of the Circleg as a consulting partner. We talked with Timothy Habermacher about this collaboration, potential and innovation.


The Olympian

Beat Schwarzenbach is one of the two pilots for Team Circleg at the Cybathlon 2020, an international competition for assistive technologies. The Cybathlon was not the first competition Beat has participated in his life. As a three-time medal winner at the Paralympics, he has already demonstrated ambition and successful experience on the competition floor. This is Beat’s story.


Being a Circleg Pilot

Andre Frei is an above-knee amputee and our pilot at the Cybathlon 2020. For several months we have been training together for the competition, exchanging ideas and discussing future adjustments and optimisations of the Circleg prosthetic system.


Orthopaedic Expertise

Thomas and Martin are orthopaedic technicians and part of the extended Circleg team. They bring their extensive experience and expertise to the development process of the Circleg system and work with us to design a fitting process specifically tailored to the Circleg system.


How it started

The journey of Project Circleg started as an industrial design bachelor-degree project by Fabian Engel and Simon Oschwald at the Zurich University of the Arts in March 2018.