What we do

Project Circleg is developing the Circleg lower-limb prosthetic system for above-knee and below-knee amputees. It is made from reinforced and certified recycled plastic, creating lightweight, high-quality and comfortable prosthetic components.

What makes it unique

Appropriate & User-centered

Project Circleg has collaborated with Swiss and East African amputees and orthopaedic technicians to develop an appropriate prosthetic system according to ISO standards and recommendations from ISPO and WHO. The user-centeric design approach is key to integrate the needs and requirements of amputees into product development, and thus simplify their everyday life with appropriate prosthetic care.

Modular & Customisable

Project Circleg ensures individual customisation of the Circleg prosthetic system through its modular design. This allows for adaptation to body size, activity level and color preferences of the beneficiary, while simultaneously enabling simplified maintenance and replacement of broken parts.


Swing-control mechanism

A mechanism incorporated in the knee joint swings the leg forward while walking in order to prevent dangerous trip hazards.


Protection cap

The polycentric knee joint is equipped with a protection cap, which allows a kneeling position and protects the joint from dirt.


Modular Foot

The modular foot allows individual adjustments and is easy to repair and replace if needed.

Circleg system

Modular System

The Circleg prosthetic system consists of a polycentric knee, a pylon and a dynamic foot. Its components can be adjusted individually to the body measurements of users and are connected with the well-known pyramid adapters.


Protective Cap

Enables a kneeling body position and protects the polycentric knee joint from dirt and external impacts.

Polycentric Knee

Provides a high level of stability and includes a swing-control and foot clearance mechanism to prevent dangerous trip hazards.


Provides the Circleg prosthetic system with an appealing shape and is customizable to the leg length of the users.

Easy Adjustments

The modularity of the foot allows the individual adjustments to body weights, foot sizes and activity levels of the users.

Dynamic Foot

Enables a satisfying roll-over and energy return while walking by simultaneously offering great stability in the stance phase.


Be among the first to benefit from the Circleg system

Project Circleg aims to launch the Circleg prosthetic system in 2022 in East Africa. However, you are already now more than welcome to contact us for detailed product information and pre-orders.


Interdisciplinary Development

Project Circleg’s team of designers and engineers is currently refining and testing the prosthetic system in close exchange with acclaimed experts, academia and industrial partners in Switzerland and East Africa. For this, we follow the procedures outlined by the European Medical Device Regulations ensuring quality and safety for the users.


High-performance material

The Circleg prosthetic system is made from reinforced and quality controlled recycled plastics meeting the demanding requirements of a durable lower-limb prosthesis. Development efforts are aimed at fulfilling the highest static and dynamic load requirements, as well as ensuring biocompatibility and recyclability.

Material Cycle

Circleg Cycle

Project Circleg is establishing a local material cycle with partners active in plastics recycling and manufacturing in line with the principles of the circular economy.


Post-consumer plastic is collected, sorted, washed, shredded and reinforced with glass fibres to create a certified material that meets the requirements of a lower-limb prosthesis.


The prosthetic parts are manufactured by simple and on-site available production methods, differentiating between standard parts and components adaptable to the individual body measurements of the users.


The pre-assembled prosthetic parts are dispatched to local Hospitals, NGO’s, Health Centres and Orthopaedic Workshops.

Fitting & Adjustment

The Circleg parts are individually adapted to the user by an orthopaedic technician.

Use & Repair

The Circleg prosthetic system is now ready for use. Thanks to it’s modularity, individual parts can be easily maintained, repaired and¬†replaced.


Broken parts are collected and returned to the material cycle in order to produce new Circleg components.

In cooperation with the University of Applied Science of Berne and Grisons, different explanatory videos have been created. Here you can watch one on the topic material. More about the cooperation soon in our stories.