Impressions of our research trip to Kenya

In March 2018 we travelled to Kenya and visited different organisations in the plastic waste industry and got insights into existing prosthetic projects. We also had the chance to talk to amputees and get to know their daily lives and their challenges they have to face. It was the starting point of Project Circleg. Here we want to share some impressions of our trip to Kenya. Enjoy!

Dandorra landfill outside Nairobi, Kenya
Waste picker are sorting out the valuable plastics out of dandorra landfill in Kenya
Polypropylen (PP) and polyethylen (PE) are going to be recycled in local companies
Plastic waste is beeing sorted by its color and type
Youth group WaMwaris in dandorra, Kenya
Socket of an existing prosthetic project is beeing manufactured
Impression of a prosthetic workshop
Existing low-cost prosthetic leg in Nairobi, Kenya
Insights into the lives of people with limited mobility in Naivasha, Kenya